mandag 26. september 2011

Be Comfortable, Creature

explotions in the sky - be comfortable, creature

Hei du sårbare menneske. Sitter du komfortabelt? Er du komfortabel?
Kaos i hodet? Noe ukjent i speilet? Ikke riktig tidspunkt for noenting?

You know what is my favorite thing and thought in this whole, wide world? That no matter how amazing the people around you are, and how happy you feel, and how everything is just so God damn perfect... There's still more. The best(seriously, the BEST) is yet to come.

And you know what's even better? When life is unbearable... that's OK too. Cause, the best will come. Eventually. (Love that word; eventually)

But what's most important? Live. Now. Not for tomorrow. Especially not for yesterday. Not for later this afternoon. But for NOW.

Learn to be comfortable with your life and shell and timing. Now.

Dette tenker jeg på om dagen. Både på norsk og engelsk. Og akkurat nå er det det viktigste av alt. Egentlig alltid.

Og hør på sangen øverst i innlegget. Den er kjempefin.

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